News: #Veszprem

Four SEHA teams in EUROs round 2, Shylovich and Mikler among the best
Sabate and Veszprem sign until summer 2017
SEHA Gazprom PRESS team picks 'Best 7' for December
Veszprem score 39 against Tatran to finish the year with a triumph
Sabate: ’Tatran being so high on League’s table is not a coincidence!’
First half ruins Zagreb' hopes of a stunner in Varaždin
Weakened PPD Zagreb looking for a miracle against Veszprem
Veszprem’s routine solution for problem Borac
Veszprem preparing for duels against PPD Zagreb and Tatran versus Borac
4th SEHA - GAZPROM TV Magazine 2015/16