Veszprem’s routine solution for problem Borac

A Veszprém rutinja volt a megoldás a Borac ellen

Veszprem - Borac

Reigning League’s champions have managed to enlarge their winning streak beating Borac clearly with 32:25 (17:11) in front of their home fans. Both coaches can be satisfied with the result - Sabate’ team has reached three new points and Dvoršek can surely be pleased with team’s performance today.

Veszprem were in control for all 60 minutes of the match but Borac have once again proved to be in good form staying closed to favored host. Stefan Janković had the main role in Borac’ roster scoring 6 and on the other side Sabate gave all of his players some time to play and show what they can. Sabate even changed goalkeeper deep into the second half trying to enlarge the gap but that did not happen. Sulić and Ugalde have in the end with some fast transition goals managed to break the resistance of guest team and decide everything today.

Marguč, Lekai and Slišković have scored 5 goals each for Veszprem.

Xavi Sabate, Veszprem’ coach:

Congratulations to Boris, his team played really well today. We did not play so good, mainly in attack, their goalkeeper was in good form. We could give the chance to our young players, I hope we can give them even more opportunities during the upcoming matches.

Schmid Péter, Veszprem’ player:

Thanks a lot to coach Sabaté for the opportunity to play today. I hope this game will help me become a better player.

Boris Dvoršek, Borac Banja Luka’ coach:

I am very satisfied with our performance today. This was my third time to play in Veszprem in my coaching career and it is always nice to come back here. Veszprém are a very good team, and I wish them good luck. I think it is time for them to win the Champions League. Congrats to Veszprém again!

Tibor Ivanišević, Borac Banja Luka’ goalkeeper:

Congratulations to Veszprém, I think they are the best team in Europe. We knew it will be a hard game, we’ve played well, and I hope we will go on and we maybe even reach SEHA’ Final tournament.