Veszprem score 39 against Tatran to finish the year with a triumph

A Veszprém 39-et lőtt a Presovnak és győzelemmel fejezte be az évet

Veszprem - Tatran Prešov

Hungarian Veszprem have ended year 2015 in a classy manner with an impressive win over Slovak champions Tatran Prešov 39:31 (21:15) in front of enthusiastic fans at "Veszprem Arena". SEHA Gazprom League's reigning champions have this way managed to grab important points in the race for securing another appearance at SEHA Gazprom Final4 next year.

Home team led by Spanish coach Xavi Sabate was eager to make unforgettable farewell party for their fans and it was clear after  15 minutes with hosts leading 10:5. Defensive lines were not the best part of either team and that was obvious after first 30 minutes with 36 goals on scoreboard - 21:15 for home team.

EHF CL runners-up weren't under pressure in the second part. Moreover, Veszprem had +10 after 45 minutes of the clash, when it became clear that Prešov have no power to avoid third defeat in a row.

Veszprem have ended 2015 on the second place in SEHA Gazprom League and Slovak champions will on the other side surely face certain difficulties to keep fourth position in the second part of the season.

Xavi Sabate, Veszprem' coach: 

Congratulations to Prešov, they play nice handball, even without Kristopans who was really important for them. We respect their team, it is hard to play against them. We were good in attack, Lékai was excellent in one against one situations. We have some injured players, and some of them are with the national team, but there is no excuse, and our youngster's have played well and they got a nice experience. I would like to thank to our players, and to Talant Dujshebaev and the Hungarian Handball Federation for letting our players out of the training camp to play this game. I  hope our next year will be more successful than this, merry Christmas everyone!

Máté Lékai, Veszprem' player:

Prešov is a good team, but we've prepared well. Their defense is solid, it is hard to play against them, but we could solve this. I hope we will come back in January in a good mood and I hope our national team will qualify fir Olympic Qualification Tournament. I wish a merry Christmas to everybody!

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran' coach:

Congratulations to Veszprém for their victory. We've had realistic aims, we know they are a great club with great fans. Their defense formation was unusual, they've surprised us. They've proved their strength, playing a nice game today. I wish them all the best, and happy Christmas. 

Vasja Furlan, Tatran' player:

There was no doubt who was the better team. They are favorites of SEHA League, and one of the favorites of EHF Champions League. It was tough to score against such a defense, with Alilović on the goal-line. It was a positive thing that we kept on fighting, I am pleased with that. Congratulations to Veszprém!