Sabate: ’Tatran being so high on League’s table is not a coincidence!’

Sabate: „Nem véletlen, hogy a Tatran ilyen előkelő helyen áll a tabellán.”

MKB-MVM Veszprem - Tatran Presov 14 (14/15)

Veszprem and Tatran Prešov will finish the year with an encounter in which both teams wish for important points to keep them in race for SEHA’ F4 this season. Hungarian champions have lately proved to be in good form with two wins against direct rivals for top places after the regular part of the season - Meshkov and PPD Zagreb. Xavi Sabate’ guys are waiting for the clash full of self-confidence. On the other side Tatran have in last two weeks lost top position in the League after losses against NEXE and Vardar.

Javier Sabate, Veszprém’ coach:

- We are going to play the last game of this year against Prešov which is a really good team and we can see it on SEHA League’s table. They are high on League’s table and it is not a coincidence. They’ve gone through coach change, miss important player from the last season Kristopans but they have a few new players and they are playing well this season. They can defend in different systems and they are very comfortable with it. We respect them very much, we have tried to prepare for this match as well as possible. Máté Lékai was sick against Zagreb but I hope we can recover him and he will be able to help the team alongside with some of our young players. We must fight very hard because it will be a very tough game.

Andreas Nilsson, Veszprém’ line player:

As my coach said, Prešov is a very strong and big team with some real fighters. Of course, they will come to take away three points from our home court and that’s why we must play at our top level in order to beat them tomorrow.  I expect a very tough game but we will play with the home court advantage so we want to win, of course.

Rastislav Trtik,  Tatran´s coach:

We want to repeat the quality performance from the last game against Vardar Skopje. We will not be under pressure. Veszprem are huge favourites to win SEHA League and qualify for final stage of the Champions League this season. We would like to play fast and nice handball. We will try to give our maximum and keep up with Hungarian champions in order to entertain all fans in Veszprem Arena.

Andrej Petro, Tatran´ line-player:

We would like to show a nice performance in Veszprem. We have nothing to lose there because Veszprem are the favourites in this match. We would like to repeat  performance against Vardar from Tuesday.