SEHA Gazprom PRESS team picks 'Best 7' for December

best 7

Tradition says that at the end of each month SEHA Gazprom PRESS team comes out with League's 'Best 7'. In 19 matches played in the final month of the year Veszprem and Vardar were clearly dominating and NEXE have along with Borac proven why they deserve to be a part of SEHA's elite community... Interesting is that players who did not have so many chances during the season were there for their clubs with tough rhytm which combines both European competitions and SEHA Gazprom League proving to be a bit of a problem late in December.


Martin Juzbašić (NEXE)

He was so far NEXE's second goalkeeping pick, right after Lelić but in December he was remarkable with two great performances - 13 saves in an important victory against Vojvodina and 14 in the biggest surprise of the month in which they were better than Tatran in Prešov. Unbeatable in key moments.

Left winger

Dejan Manaskov (Vardar)

With Timur Dibirov taking some time to rest Raul has no reason to worry about left winger because Dejan Manaskov does it superbly. In Strumica he was really unbelievable with 17 goals almost catching Antl' record and in other 4 games he was also highly positioned on scoreboard.

Right winger

Gašper Marguč (Veszprem)

Veszprem's winger has for the second time this season proved his amazing value. He has surely become Veszprem's huge strenght this season and it was impossible to choose anyone else for month's best after his 11 goals from 12 attempts in Brest.

Line player

Mijajlo Marsenić (Vardar)

With Stoilov out and irreplaceable Toskić struggling Mijajlo Marsenić was there to show his potential and why he was considered to be a big reinforcement for Vardar this season. Amazing December is behind him with 11/14 and with three key goals in the end he has decided the match in Prešov in which Vardar got away with lucky +1 victory.

Left back

Ivan Slišković (Veszprem)

Momir Ilić is recovering from an injury and young Croatian national team player Ivan Slišković is there to prove his coach he's worth a chance in both attack and defense. His best performance of the month were 8 goals in Meshkov. 

Middle back

Luka Cindrić (Vardar)

With Igor Karačić out Luka Cindrić was there to conduct Vardar' orchestra.  In all five matches in which they have managed to catch all 15 points he was among the best performers in Vardar' roster. Two 6-goal performances - against Tatran and Strumica.

Right back

Branislav Obradović (Borac)

Borac were there to create the biggest surprise of the month in a match against League's leaders at the moment Tatran from Prešov. There were not so many believers that something like that moght happen but left-hander from Banja Luka was on top of his performance with 9 goals allowing Borac to catch third victory in a row and season's biggest sensation title.


Xavier Sabate (Veszprem)

Although Raul Gonzales had one more victory in the month behind us League's best coach for December is Veszprem' Xavi Sabate with victories against Zagreb, Tatran and Meshkov in only 3 days which have helped Veszprem stay on course to defend the regular season champion title from the last season.