News: #Nexe

Nexe- Time for another step forward for Horvat's team
Moreno Car signs for Nexe
Josip Juric Grgic leaves Nexe
Tomi Vozab signs for Nexe, Kristian Pilipovic leaves
Borut Mackovsek signs for Telekom Vezsprem, Matjaz Brumen leaves Nexe
Nexe sign former Partizan goalkeeper Mihailo Radovanovic
Nexe sign Vladan Loncar
PPD Zagreb win the Croatian Cup for the 25th time
EHFCL and EHF Cup recap: Nexe beaten by Fuechse Berlin, Vardar are headed to Cologne!
EHFCL & EHF CUP preview: Vardar and Nexe a step away from EHF Cup and EHFCL Final 4s!