News: #Nexe

Djordjic: “We won in front of our fans and finished the tournament on a high note“
Thanks to Pesic’s saves, Meshkov easily leave Nexe behind to win bronze
Brest out for second bronze, Nexe hope for first ever victory at Final 4
Zlatko Horvat: “I feel like we delivered an excellent performance playing on the highest possible level“
Bicanic steer Zagreb to their third SEHA - Gazprom League final
Tamse: "It will not be easy, this is the biggest national derby"
Nexe sign young stars Gianfranco Pribetic and Fran Mileta
Debutants vs record participants in the first ever All-Croatian semi-final
Patrik Leban to leave Nexe and join Celje PL
Djukic: "I’d like to congratulate my teammates on a quality, fighting performance"