7m - Moreno Car: “My goal is to be the best goalkeeper in SEHA – Gazprom League“

Moreno Car

Goalkeeper Moreno Car (24) came to Nasice two seasons ago. He grew up in Crikvenica where he started playing handball in a small nearby place called Bribir. During his career he’s also been a member of Crikvenica, Matulji and Porec where he spent three season prior to arriving to Slavonia. A week ago he was awarded ‘Best Athlete of 2019 in Nasice’ title.

Does the fact that you were the best athlete of 2019 in Nasice also mean you were Nexe’s best player last season?
I will not say that. Of course the award means a lot to me because it hasn’t been that long since I arrived to Nasice and it definitely is a very nice acknowledgment. However, handball is a team sport and my teammates and coaches have also played a big part in my winning that award.

Last season you’ve had the most saves in SEHA – Gazprom League. How did your rookie season go in your opinion?
After three seasons of playing in Porec, I felt like I reached the best level I can possibly reach playing Croatian league which is why I decided to come to Nexe. I have to admit everything went just the way I imagined it will – we have a good team and I feel like hard work I’m putting in is paying off. I’m training well with our goalkeeper coach Ninoslav Pavelic and he also deserves a lot of credit for my performances. I was clearly paying attention in meetings and trainings with him!

How would you rate this season both for you as an individual and as Nexe’s player?
I’ll give us as a team a 3.5 out of 5. Only thing I consider a failure are those matches against Benfica. Also, I will give myself 4 out of 5. Of course, there is room for improvement both for me and Nexe in general. My goal is to be the best goalkeeper in SEHA – Gazprom League this season. Last season I’ve had the most saves and this season I’m currently second in that category.

Standing at 188 centimeters we can say you’re not very tall for a goalkeeper. What would you say are your advantages between posts?
My biggest advantage is my quickness. That is very useful for us when coach decides to play seven versus six on the offensive side of the court or when one of our players is suspended. I love those situations.

Are there any goalkeepers who you would say have similar style to yours? Who is, in your opinion, the best goalkeeper in the world today?
Spanish goalkeeper Perez de Vargas and I have some similarities. Except for him, top tier goalkeepers for me at the moment are also Dejan Milosavljev and Arpad Sterbik. However, I have to say I’m not trying to copy anyone. I just want to take what suits me best and progress.

In SEHA – Gazprom League Quarter finals you will meet reigning champions Vardar. How do you see your chances knowing that Macedonians are going through a tough period?
First of all, we shouldn’t focus on their problems because, despite of the fact few of their players left, they still have a team which can cope with anyone in Europe. Two weeks ago they defeated Motor Zaporozhye by ten goals in EHF Champions League. They still have excellent wingers, playmaker, pivot… But we’ll be ready and it will be nice to see such a big team like Vardar arrive to Nasice.

Last season Nexe was a part of the final tournament. This season Croatian city Zadar will host Final 4. Is it easier for you to find motivation for Quarter finals because of that?
Last season was our rookie final tournament appearance and it didn’t turn out to be terrible. Of course, goal is to get back there and again showcase great handball. The fact that it will be played in Croatia is great and I’m sure a lot our fans from Nasice would be there for us.

What is life in Nasice like, apart from the handball part?
I try to spend most of time with my girlfriend. She is studying in Rijeka so when we are free, we are together. After trainings I like to spend time with my teammates as well, usually over a cup of coffee. Nasice is a great place. Sports hall and fitness center are both in walking distance from my home. I have contract with Nexe until 2023 and I honestly wouldn’t mind staying here until the end of it.