News: #HC Vojvodina

Boris Rojevic: "Both teams played really good today"
Vojvodina inches away from stealing a point in Nasice
Tenth SEHA - Gazprom League season starts in Nasice as Nexe welcome Vojvodina
Davis: “We'll be even better in the second leg!“
Veszprem conquer Novi Sad
Stojkovic: “Matches like this are offering a chance to grow and improve“
Rojevic: “If we haven't had Arsenic, we would have lost this match“
Vojvodina to face off against Telekom Veszprem in SEHA quarter-finals
Dejan Babic: “We’ll do our best in Novi Sad, everything is still open!“
Rojevic: “I feel like we deserved to win this“