News: #SEHA

New SEHA season – Zomimak, Spartak and 8 older members
Seven SEHA representatives in EHF's new Champions League!
Six SEHA national teams on EURO 2016 in Poland!
Croatia and Hungary dominant, SEHA clashes for EURO 2016
SEHA Gazprom goes on, Veszprem as a perfect invitation for fifth season
SEHA Gazprom League's executive committee meeting in Veszprem
Kids day in Veszprem Arena with players
Final 4 Charity event in Veszprem Csolnoky Ferenc hospital
SEHA GSS SEASON 2014/2015 – From Veszprem to Kragujevac
SEHA Gazprom League's Final tournament/ Final 4 - TICKETS