New SEHA season – Zomimak, Spartak and 8 older members

SEHA Gazprom League's board of directors has had a meeting on Wednesday in Belgrade where they have reached an agreement about most important things for the upcoming season of rising regional competition where Hungarian Veszprem will try to defend the title. 

Season starts on 28th/29th of August with 10 participating clubs - 8 old and 2 new ones, Zomimak and Spartak. Competition system remains the same, league with 18 rounds and Final tournament - Final 4.  

League's participants for season 2015/16: 

MKB MVM Veszprem (Hungary) 

Meshkov Brest (Belarus) 

PPD Zagreb (Croatia) 

Nexe (Croatia) 

Vardar (Macedonia) 

Zomimak (Macedonia) 

Borac m:tel (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 

Vojvodina (Serbia) 

Spartak Vojput (Serbia) 

Tatran Prešov (Slovakia) 


In the first round of the season Vardar will host Macedonian derby against Zomimak and NEXE Croatian derby in a match against PPD Zagreb. Serbian derby between Spartak Vojput and Vojvodina will be played in Subotica, Tatran will host Borac m:tel, and Meshkov will travel to the reigning champions MKB MVM Veszprem.

League's new members Zomimak will play their matches in Skopje while their sports hall in Strumica is being renovated.