Can Zeleznicar finally take down a favored opponent?

PPD - Zeleznicar

Round 13 will prove to be the lucky one for only one team on Wednesday night in Nis with home team Zeleznicar welcoming Croatian vice-champions NE Nexe. Series of good outings has without doubt improved the overall atmosphere in Nis despite of two losses against highly-favored opponents like Vardar and Meshkov Brest which means coach Veselin Vujovic and his guys will most definitely look to close 2018 in a victorious manner in front of their fans. 

Nexe are on the other side quite serious contenders in final tournament race which means they are clearly travelling to Nis to book three new points and finish the year on a high note. 

Will Zeleznicar finally manage to stun favored opponents or will NEXE once again prove what they're made of this season taking three new tough points on the road? Make sure to tune in on Arena Sport channels, Sport TV (Iceland) and Sport Klub (Poland). Match is scheduled for 19.00 CET. 

Veselin Vujovic, Zeleznicar coach:
Nexe have a very good roster which is able to come out on top against any team in the League. They are playing outstanding handball having a wide selection of players on every position with a young coach which is forcing them to play modern handball. They managed to defeat us convincingly in Nasice but I believe we’ve seriously improved since then. We’re a bit exhausted after a long trip back home from Brest and this is generally not the best moment for us to face a team like Nexe. Jevtic is injured and Ratko Nikolic is still not in his best form which is why I won’t give any predictions but I can say we’ll give our best out there and that might prove to be enough to win the game. 

Andrija Madjar, Zeleznicar player: 
Tough match is ahead of us. NEXE maybe have the most serious approach to this League out of all teams. Their defense is their biggest strength and with Jaganjac in their roster they might even have the best team in the League at the moment. It will be extremely tough but we’ve got to give our best, try to deliver the best possible outing and close 2018 in the best way. 

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach: 
There are no easy road matches in SEHA League which is why we’ll have to approach the match in the right way. There are 60 more minutes ahead of us before the winter break and we’ve got to use them to deliver the best outing and do everything we can to win the game. Aljaz Lavric is dealing with eye problems but hopefully he’ll be ready to suit up. 

Perica Lelic, Nexe goalkeeper: 
This will be the last match of the first part of the season. We’re all tired and some of our younger players have already joined their national teams. However, we must do everything we can to finish this in the right way. It’s tough to play in Nis which is why we’ve got to give our best and look to grab three new points in order to make another step towards Final 4 tournament. 


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