News: #Dinamo

Dinamo looking for points in Skopje to overtake Metalurg' position on League’s table
Petkovic: "Today we proved we are the real team which consists out of 16 heroes"
Radovanovic leads Dinamo to the victory in a Serbian clash
7m - Banduka: “Playing SEHA - Gazprom League is a big thing for young players“
Serbian derby as a chance for both teams to escape the bottom
4th SEHA TV Magazine is ready for watching!
Horvat: “We simply did not have the right mentality going into the match“
Nexe fail to take full bags from Pancevo, Barisic-Jaman and Buvinic combine for 15
Bozic-Pavletic: "Attractive match for all the fans here today"
‘Lions’ rotation prove its value as Zagreb cruise past Dinamo