Ante Gadza: "I feel like we’re growing"


Stevce Alushovski, Vardar 1961 coach:

We've managed to defeat a high-quality opponent today and I'd like to congratulate my players on this win here today. We've played the way we agreed to before the match and despite of all the difficulties we're dealing with we've managed to deliver a solid outing. Offense was functioning well both six versus six and seven versus six. We've once again showed we have a good team, reminded everyone who Vardar really is. Goal is to keep on progressing, improving the form for what lies ahead.

Gintaras Savukinas, Motor Zaporozhye coach:

First half made the difference. We’ve allowed them way too many goals in that period and simply weren’t able to close it in the second although we were playing much better. We’ve had way too many turnovers in the first allowing them to score many easy goals and that was the key. We’re obviously not in the right rhythm at the moment due to the national team week which is behind us and I believe that was visible out there today.

Ante Gadza, Vardar 1961 player:

Our goal was to show that our loss in Ukraine was not realistic since we were far from our best in Zaporozhye in our premier encounter against them. I feel like we’re growing, playing better and preparing for the most important part of the season which is ahead of us.

Carlos Molina, Motor Zaporozhye player:

Vardar delivered a really good performance taking a well-deserved win here today. We weren’t playing well and I can say we must analyze this, work and improve for what lies ahead.