Gadza finishes the match with eight as Vardar 1961 outplay Motor Zaporozhye


Vardar 1961 managed to once again showcase their full potential coming out on top against Motor Zaporozhye with 32:27. After two defeats in a row in the regional competition Macedonians were highly-motivated and determined to put an end to the negative streak which was clearly visible from the very first whistle.

“Red&Black“ were dominating the first half on both sides of the court with aggressive defense and effective offense orchestrated by Croatian playmaker Ante Gadza. Despite of the fact they were once again having certain ups and downs they were this time playing much better led by Gadza who finished the match with eight goals. Winger Goce Georgievski added six.

Coach Stevce Alushovski rotated the team a lot using almost his strongest roster and players like Stojance Stoilov, Borko Ristovski and Ivan Cupic. This time out Ukrainians weren’t as good as they were in the premier encounter between the two teams this season and were never close to endangering their lead.

Vardar have one more game ahead of them in the regular part of SEHA - Gazprom League season – versus Vojvodina in April and Motor will on the other hand play against both Vojvodina and Nexe.