Rabek: “I am happy because of this win and I hope it gives us a boost for the upcoming challenges“

Oliver Rabek

Tatran Presov - Vojvodina 22:18 (13:10)
(Munoz Cabezon 10, Lapajne 4 / Ilic 8, Ovcina 4)

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:
This is a important victory because we are not in a good situation. We are a team that needs to train but with this rythm it is difficult to compose ourselves. After a few loses, travelling, injuries and illnesses, we are in a tough situation. Congrats to my team for winnng and cograts to Vojvodina on a good match.

Oliver Rabek, Tatran Presov player:
At the moment, we are playing matches with ourselves. We are fighting with our heads and it is difficult to get our game going. There were mistakes, tiredness and injuries in our team. But I am happy because of this win and I hope it gives us a boost for the upcoming challenges. I also want to ask our fans for patience, because at the moment it is hard for us to play and even harder when they put pressure on us. That doesn't help any player.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
We had problems with our roster but my guys fought like lions today. Perhaps the result could have been even more narrow. We could see very exhausted Tatran that plays matches every few days. They need a break to re-group and play like they know because they are a really good team. So, best of luck to them in the upcoming matches.

Milan Mirkovic, Vojvodina player:
It is a deserved victory for Tatran. We could feel that they are tired and that the available players were dealing with illnesses. We are also dealing with similar issues so congrats to my teammates for a good fight. We fought hard in defence but had some problems in attack. Also, this was a good chance for younger players so, all in all, in was a good match for us despite the loss.