News: #Slavko Goluza

Medved: “This win means a lot to us“
Gorenje and Tatran battle in the final match of SEHA - Gazprom League’s seventh season
Goluza: “Special win for us, I'm really happy about it“
Tatran and Metalurg battle for sixth position
Kamenica: “Our inexperience proved to be costly today“
Cvitkovic: ‘’We need a win against Vojvodina to restore our self-confidence!’’
Goluza: “We played as a team only in first 30 minutes"
Vucko: ’’Win against NEXE is a top priority for us at the moment!’’
Petkovic: “Draw is the most realistic outing and a prize“
Krok back in the roster as Tatran travel to Pancevo