Jelinic: “Coach warned us we must not underestimate Izvidjac“

Marin Jelinic

Nexe - Izvidjac 22:17 (14:8)

(Zrnic 7, Jaganjac 4; Car 11 saves / Delic 5)

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
The only thing that makes me happy is the fact we won the match. Ljubuski really have a good, young team and I believe good future is ahead of them. We really had to give our best to defeat them today, probably because the match against PPD Zagreb took its toll in terms of fatigue. Defense was good but I can't be satisfied with our attack. We were playing without Vozab and Buvinic who are really important for us and I can only hope they'll return to the roster for the last two games of the first part of the season.

Marin Jelinic, Nexe player: 
Coach warned us we must not underestimate Izvidjac. What matters the most are three points we won in the end and now we can start with preparations for final two matches.

Mario Bjelis, Izvidjac coach: 
Nexe have a better team and they deserved to win this one. We have a young team but I am not satisfied with the way we played in the first. We didn't fight enough. Second half was better but it was obviously not enough. We're gathering experience in this League, especially when we're playing against strong teams.

Josip Kvesic, Izvidjac goalkeeper: 
We can be satisfied with the way we played in the second. We came to Nasice without three important players and gave our best. In the end however, a well-deserved win for NEXE.