Six goal half-time lead not enough as Tatran and NEXE split points in Presov

Tatran Presov - Nexe

Fans in Tatran Arena in Presov could on Wednesday night see their team play two quite different halves against Croatian vice-champions NEXE Nasice as they in the end failed to secure all three points for themselves today even after being six goals ahead after first 30 minutes. In the end 26:26 - a draw which will, in case Celje PL manage to celebrate at home against Dinamo later today, officially be the end of Tatran's Final 4 hopes this season.

Hosts opened the match better playing good defense slowly enlarging the gap all the way to 17:11 which was the half-time result. Lukas Urban led their offense today scoring six from seven attempts while Bruno Butorac added four with remarkable eight assists as the duo clearly dictated the tempo of the match throughout the bigger part of it. However, despite of the fact that after first 30 minutes it seemed like the deal was already sealed in this one, NEXE refused to give up. Josip Juric-Grgic and Marko Buvinic led their comeback as guests from Slavonia leveled everything at 22:22 little less than ten minutes before the final whistle. Marin Greganic even put them ahead at 25:26 in the final minute of the match but Jakub Hrstka scored his fifth of the night to secure at least a point for his team. Apart from Buvinic (5) and Juric-Grgic (4), Ante Gadza played another good match scoring four to go along with five assists while Matjaz Brumen delivered his best outing in NEXE's jersey so far with seven goals, four of which came from the seven-meter line.

In the next round Tatran will travel to Novi Sad to meet Vojvodina and NEXE will welcome Celje PL.