News: #Boro Churlevski

Car: “We've delivered a great match against a strong team“
Nexe lose in Bitola but secure quarter-final matchup against Vardar
Jotic: “We need a perfect outing, a bit of luck and loud support from our fans to get through!“
Vujovic: “I have to say I missed this city and these fans“
PPD Zagreb with another “single-goal“ win versus Eurofarm Rabotnik
Can Eurofarm come out on top against Zagreb in Bitola?
Obranovic: “Our defense and goalkeeper were really good“
Mikita Vailupau scores 14 as Meshkov celebrate in Bitola
Milan Djukic: “We played with a lot of spirit and confidence“
Second home win for Eurofarm Rabotnik as they beat Metaloplastika