Milan Djukic: “We played with a lot of spirit and confidence“

Milan Djukic

Eurofarm Rabotnik - Metaloplastika 32:21 (15:8) 
(Jotic 8; Mitrevski 12 saves / Babic 6)

Stevce Alushovski, Eurofarm Rabotnik coach:
We played a great match. I never want to point out only one player, but this time out goalkeeper was great at the start of the match. After amazing opening of the match, we played better and better. We made some mistakes, but generally it was fantastic match. Good luck to Metaloplastika in the upcoming clashes.

Milan Djukic, Eurofarm Rabotnik player:
Our goalkeeper was fantastic, 100% saves in first ten minutes and he gave us great motivation to play great in the rest of the match. We made 6-7 goals diference and played with a lot of spirit and confidence. We continued in the same style in the second half. This was our best performance this season.

Veselin Vukovic, Metaloplastika coach: 
Eurofarm Rabotnik were better team and they deserved to win. At the start, our young players didn't feel the match and the diference was getting bigger and bigger. This is not our best perfomance and I am sorry that we didn't present ourselves in our best form here in a handball city like Bitola. But, I hope that it will be diferent in Sabac.

Milan Bomastar, Metaloplastika player:
Eurofarm Rabotnik were fantastic, they played from the start with a lot of spirit and confidence and they diserved to win. Our perfomance was poor, we must analyze it and play better in next matches.