News: #HC Eurofarm Rabotnik

Djukic: “It feels good to finish the group phase of SEHA season on a high note“
Eurofarm's 4th win of the season for the 4th place in Group B
Spartak looking to take revenge against Eurofarm in their last group phase match
Davis: “We delivered a good outing on both sides of the court“
Telekom Veszprem with a routine win over Eurofarm
Veszprem eager to take revenge against Eurofarm Rabotnik
Vujovic: “I have to say I missed this city and these fans“
PPD Zagreb with another “single-goal“ win versus Eurofarm Rabotnik
Can Eurofarm come out on top against Zagreb in Bitola?
Vukovic: “I'm extremely happy and proud of what my guys did here today“