Vujovic: “I have to say I missed this city and these fans“

Veselin Vujovic

Eurofarm Rabotnik - PPD Zagreb 27:28 (12:16)

(Ostroushko 7, Djukic 5 / Horvat 10, Hrstic 4)

Bozidar Mojsov, Eurofarm Rabotnik coach:
I expected a match like this. Zagreb have a young team with a great coach. We were playing badly in the first and despite of the fact we’ve visibly improved in the second I feel like first half was the key. We must now learn from this defeat.

Nikolce Mitrevski, Eurofarm Rabotnik goalkeeper:
PPD Zagreb have an experienced team and they knew how to take advantage of the fact we started this match very poorly having a lot of turnovers and failing to use opportunities to narrow the gap. We have two more matches to play this season and I hope we’ll be better.

Veselin Vujovic, PPD Zagreb coach:
Our first half was great but Eurofarm managed to react in the right way and, supported by their great fans, they almost managed to reach one point. I’m happy to be here once again and I have to say I missed this city and these fans.

Gasper Hrastnik, PPD Zagreb player:
After what was a great first-half performance from our side we kind of lost focus but in the end our experience made the difference. It was really great to play here, in front of these fans, today.