Vukovic: “I'm extremely happy and proud of what my guys did here today“

Veselin Vukovic

Metaloplastika - Eurofarm Rabotnik 27:26 (11:12)
(Milic 9, Maticic 6 / Vegar 8, Jotic 6)

Marin Vegar, Eurofarm Rabotnik player:
Metaloplastika were really good and aggressive today. We played well but in those key moments when we should have made the difference we failed to do so and in the end they took full advantage of that.

Stevche Alushovski, Eurofarm Rabotnik coach:
We opened the match well and when we should have sealed the deal we failed to do so and later they punished our mistakes. Every time you play well in the first you know second half is going to be difficult. We tried our best but failed in the end and only thing we can do is congratulate hosts on the win.

Milan Milic, Metaloplastika player:
We opened the match badly, for whatever reason. We managed to get back in the first knowing that Eurofarm are going to have a hard time keeping up the tempo later. In the second we managed to narrow the gap eventually taking the lead and holding on to it until the end of the match. I'd like to congratulate my teammates on the performance today.

Veselin Vukovic, Metaloplastika coach:
We thought we would do much better in Bitola in our premier encounter of the season but ended up suffering a serious defeat. We were also dealing with fatigue but I'm extremely happy and proud of what my guys did here today especially in the second when we were able to turn the match around. We had our bad moments but that's how it goes when you have such a young team. However, today we managed to come out on top. There are still things we have to work on. We still have to play Veszprem at home and I assure you we will be even better.