Car: “We've delivered a great match against a strong team“

Moreno Car

Eurofarm Pelister - Nexe 24:22 (13:10)

(Jotic 5 / Severec 5, Car 11 saves)

Zeljko Babic, Eurofarm Pelister coach:
Our fans were fantastic. I'd like to thank all my players, the match was dramatic and intense. We didn't lose tonight but we're aware of our mistakes. We have to keep on preparing for domestic Play-Offs where we'll ve much better than this. This city and these fans are really great and I'm happy to be here and work here.

Mirko Radovic, Eurofarm Pelister player:
We've played a really good match and I feel sorry we didn't get through because of our fans. Nexe have an experienced team and know how to play matches like this one. Bitola and our fans are amazing, they deserve a lot of matches like this one and big wins.

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
We've played a greaf match against a great team and I think we won because we have a more experienced roster than they do. Eurofarm is a new project with a new coach and in a few months they will be much better. Our powerplay actions in the end were some kind of surprise for them and we scored 4-5 goals in those final minutes. I'd like to thank these fans, playing here today was really special.

Moreno Car, Nexe goalkeeper:
We've delivered a great match against a strong team. I feel like we were a bit luckier and managed to secure a place in quarter-finals. We fought hard.