News: #Round 9

Grozdanic: "We started the match off badly but woke up about 20 minutes into the encounter"
Milos Grozdanic clinches half-season scoring title as Vojvodina edge Metalurg
Metalurg for the first time this season without Velkovski in Novi Sad
Vojvodic: "Thanks to our fans for coming, I believe we gave them something to watch tonight"
Vardar join Nexe and PPD Zagreb on the top with a win against Izvidjac
Milovanovic: "This was our best performance of the season"
Zeleznicar defeat Steaua on wings of a strong defensive outing
Bjelis: ''We'll fight Vardar courageously in Skopje!''
Vujovic: ‘’I believe we can defeat Steaua’’
Krok and Butorac combine for 15 as Tatran sail past PPD Zagreb