News: #Round 7

EHFCL Round 7 recap: PPD Zagreb beat Celje PL, Tatran Presov down Besiktas
EHFCL Round 7 preview: PPD Zagreb host Celje PL, Vardar against Barcelona
Mihaila: "A good match for us overall"
Best Saves of Round 7
Meshkov harder than expected against Metalurg
Meshkov to prolong a good streak - Metalurg to end a bad one
Lukas Urban just short of double-double as Tatran dominate Vojvodina
Vojvodic: "It was a dynamic and interesting match for watching"
Canellas scores 6, adds 4 dimes as Vardar sail past Dinamo
Tatran to keep up with Vardar, Vojvodina to run away from the bottom