News: #Nexe

Zrnic and Bozic-Pavletic light it up as NEXE grab an important win in Ljubuski
NEXE look to make the point against Veszprem count in Ljubuski
Tired Veszprem fail to take full bags from Nasice
Horvat's debut in front of fans in Nasice
Horvat: ''We're progressing and have some goals in Celje!''
Horvat starts with a point, Rabek explodes for 11 but Nenadic takes the clutch role
First challenge for Horvat as Tatran host NEXE
EHF Cup Round 3: German teams top both NEXE and Gorenje
NEXE appoint Hrvoje Horvat to replace Zdenko Kordi
Kordi sacked by NEXE, Ergovic: ''It's been a great eight-year long cooperation!''