Horvat: "Not so beautiful match but interesting one with a lot of fighting"

Hrvoje Horvat

Nexe - Gorenje Velenje 24:24 (11:11) 

(Sipic 4, Leban 4, Barisic Jaman 7 / Pejovic 4, Cehte 4)

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
We've opened the match very nervously once again and it was visible in all those missed opportunities and technical mistakes. This is also third time opponents' goalie dominated the match against us. Not so beautiful match but interesting one with a lot of fighting. Both teams were close to victory today.

Sasa Barisic-Jaman, Nexe player:
We didn't scored from some excellent situations. We have to work on that. I agree both teams could have celebrated today and only thing I can hope is for us to start playing better as the season goes.  

Zeljko Babic, Gorenje coach:
I hope fans enjoyed the match today. We've committed too many technical mistakes - 14 is simply too much. Both teams could win today. We now have a very important Champions League match ahead of us and I hope we'll play better.

Gregor Potocnik, Gorenje player:
Nexe were fighting well during the full course of the match and I have to congratulate them on that. We've made too many technical mistakes and we'll have to correct that- It is now time to prepare for our next Champions League match.