World Championship 2019 recap: Denmark on top of the world, Horvat best SEHA scorer
WCh 2019 Day 14: Croatia defeated by Sweden in the 5th place match
WCh 2019 Day 12: Handball classic ends with a win for Croatia
WCh 2019 Day 11: Croatia without semi-finals after losing to Germany
WCh 2019 Day 10: Macedonia 15th, Serbia 18th, Brazil stun Croatia
WCh 2019 Day 9: Russia better than Macedonia, Serbia beat Bahrain
WCh 2019 Day 8: Croatia first in group B, Serbia and Macedonia end their world tour
WCh 2019 Day 7: Croatia routinely versus Bahrain, Spain too much for Macedonia
WCh 2019 Day 6: Serbia outmuscle Korea
WCh 2019 Day 5: Croatia overpower Macedonia, Serbia struggle against Brazil