Rookies from Bitola ready to stun another favorite

Mirko Radovic

This year’s SEHA rookies Eurofarm Rabotnik from Bitola have already proved SEHA - Gazprom League is their top priority and now they are preparing to stun another favored opponent – Meshkov Brest. Match is scheduled for Tuesday (19.00 CET) and will be played in Boro Curlevski sports hall in Bitola. 

Two teams have already met this season with Belarus champions celebrating a big 31:22 victory at home. Eurofarm are however doing really good having three wins in five matches and considering the fact it won’t be the first time we see Meshkov play an away game without some of their most important players, especially only two days after a tough VELUX EHF Champions League encounter in Skopje, Eurofarm might have a shot at taking another big-name opponent down in front of their fans after already doing so against Telekom Veszprem. 

Match will be broadcasted on Arena Sport (in Croatia), Arena Sport (in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia), Arena Sport (in Slovakia), VKontakte (in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia) as well as Sport TV (in Slovenia). 

Stevce Alushovski, Eurofarm Rabotnik coach:
We’re dealing with a lot of injury issues prior to this one. Marin Vegar, Nikola Markoski and Milorad Kukoski most definitely won’t be able to suit up against Meshkov and Elmir Gradjan will be almost a game-time call. However, we do know how important this match is for us. Regarding Meshkov – they have a strong team, even if they decide to come here without some of their most important players. They are participating on SEHA F4 tournaments every season and we must respect them. 

Goce Ojleski, Eurofarm Rabotnik player: 
We no longer have chances to qualify for the next round in EHF Champions League which means we can now fully focus on SEHA - Gazprom League where I feel like we can keep up with quality outings. You never know what to expect against a team like Meshkov Brest. They have a very good roster and no matter who they decide to bring to Bitola they’ll be a big challenge for us. However I believe in this team and expect a positive reaction after the loss against Tatran. 

Andrei Mochalov, Meshkov Brest coach: 
Important one for both teams, I feel like we’ll both do everything we can in order to come out victorious. Despite of the Champions League loss we want to give our best in a match which will be nothing like the one we played against Eurofarm back in Brest. They were however dealing with some injuries back then and will be even better this time which is why we’re taking preparations for this one very seriously. Whoever makes fewer mistakes will in the end take three points. 

Nemanja Obradovic, Meshkov Brest player: 
We’re going to Bitola with a bit different team but despite of that we’ll all give our best to win this. Some players have recently recovered and will be back in rotation for this on which is good. Goal is to play fast-flowing handball and of course win the game. We’re however aware it won’t be easy because Rabotnik have a good team and amazing supporters.