Tamse: “It is great to play here, in front of probably the best fans“

Branko Tamse

Telekom Veszprem - PPD Zagreb 36:28 (17:15)
(Strlek 5, Blagotinsek 5 / Hrstic 5, Horvat 4)

David Davis, Telekom Veszprem coach:
First of all, this was my first game against Branko Tamse. I have been following him since he started in Velenje. All his teams play fantastic handball, no matter if young or old or anything. He manages to play a good handball and to bring out the best from players and make a great team. Good luck for him in the future. About the match; because I know him well, I tried to prepare as best as I can. We tried to be alert in every aspect of the game. We tried to play our best game. I am satisfied with the performance of my players. We conceded 28 goals, but I am satisfied with our defense. It was much better than in Brest. I am also satisfied with the offense, even though missed a lot of chances. We made a big step from the last game today. I hope our Fans will come to every SEHA games and in the Hungarian league as well. We need them in every competition.

Kent Robin Tonnesen, Telekom Veszprem player:
It was a tough game, Zagreb played very well and fought hard. I am glad to get the three points, the team played well in defense and in offense as well. We had a lot of good plays, but we made a lot of mistakes too. We can be satisfied with our defense, especially if the coach is satisfied with it. It was cool to play again in front of a numerous audience and congratulations to Zagreb for their good game.

Branko Tamse, PPD Zagreb coach: 
I would like to congratulate Veszprém’s well-earned victory. It is great to play here, in front of probably the best fans. I would like to give an extreme applause for the fans, not just from Veszprém, but ours as well for traveling from Zagreb to see us. We are pleased that our approach came to a good level. We knew that the game would be difficult, because we arrived to the most probable winner of Champions League and SEHA League as well. We have a new young team with 9 new player. We want to progress from game to game and today we did our best. We did what we planned until 48 minutes. The unforced errors we did, helped Veszprém in the game and the difference is pretty high, higher than what we showed. I would like to congratulate my players, especially the young ones, who have not played this kind of game, against a kind of team like Veszprém in an Arena like this. Veszprém showed us which level we should reach. Good luck for David Davis for the upcoming games and competitions.

Aleks Vlah, PPD Zagreb player:
We knew that it will be a hard match and I think Veszprém won the game because they have more quality on the bench. It was a pleasure to play here, the atmosphere was amazing. Veszprém deserved the win, we conceded a lot of goals, but I do not feel that the difference is 8 goals between the two team. Congratulations to Veszprém and good luck for them in the future and they are welcomed in Zagreb.