Jaanimaa: “It is good that our team won“

Dener Jaanimaa

Motor Zaporozhye - Nexe 33:31 (18:16)
(Pukhouski 7 / Mileta 7, Pesic 7 )

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
Our main goal today was to accurately attack and defend well. But as a result of the match, we see that we failed in the defense, as we missed a lot. At the end of the match, the experience of Motor was already visible, and the opponent beat us. This match once again showed us what we need to specifically work on and we will try to improve our result.

Sasa Barisic Jaman, Nexe player:
It was a very difficult match for us. Today, the team had such a mix of young and experienced players. But, unfortunately, we did not cope with the main task. This match once again showed us that we should work more in training and correct our mistakes. 

Mikolay Stepanets, Motor Zaporozhye coach:
Today's match showed our shortcomings, especially at the end, when the opponent caught up with us. I didn’t want to spend so much effort in this match. We have a very busy week - three matches. Today I relied more on young players. But at the right moments, they could not prove themselves. Therefore, the opponent has reduced the four-goal advantage in the second half several times to an equal score. I had to return to the previous composition. But, despit of our mistakes, we won and we need to move on.

Dener Jaanimaa, Motor Zaporozhye player:
In this match, it was clear that the team was not concentrated enough. We treated the ball rather lazily and the opponent immediately punished us for this. Of course, you can’t play the game like that. Especially when we lead with an advantage of 4 goals, and then let our opponents catch us in the long run. We should have been more focused on approaching the match and not giving our opponents a chance to break the game in our favor. In the end of the match we have already started open handball and it is very good that our team won.