Djordjic: “We won in front of our fans and finished the tournament on a high note“

Djordjic: “We won in front of our fans and finished the tournament on a high note“

Nexe - Meshkov Brest 19:24 (8:12)

(Sipic 5, Jaganjac 5 / Baranau 5, Obranovic 4; Pesic 10 saves)

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach: 
We can't be happy obviously since we lost two matches here but to be realistic we simply didn't manage to make a surprise here on this tournament because all these teams are clearly on a bit higher level than we are at the moment. We've given our best today, tried to prepare in the best possible way after the semi-final loss but unfortunately it wasn't enough to finish the tournament on a high note. 

Ivan Vida, Nexe player: 
Entire tournament was an amazing experience for us. Unfortunately, it all ended the way it did but we must not feel sorry but try to learn as much as possible from it and improve for the future. Considering the final match, I feel like it's going to be really interesting since this will be their third clash in only ten days and I believe Vardar are once again big favorites to go all the way. However, Zagreb might pull it off third time. Maybe they'll be third time lucky. 

Halil Jaganjac, Nexe player: 
Of course we're sorry about these two losses but we're grateful for this experience, for a chance we had to be here and play against some of the best teams in Europe. I feel like we did a great job this season and I believe this team has a lot more potential we're try to showcase in the remainder of the season as well as next year. 

Perica Lelic, Nexe goalkeeper: 
We've given our best today but Meshkov proved to be a better team taking a win in the end and finishing third. However, as coach already said, we must use the opportunity to learn as much as possible from these two matches and improve for what's waiting for us. 

Manolo Cadenas, Meshkov Brest coach: 
I'm glad this time we managed to defeat Nexe and give our fans a reason to go home happy. I believe it was a good match and I wish Nexe all the best in the remainder of the season of course.

Petar Djordjic, Meshkov Brest player:
It was really hard to mentally prepare for this duel after the loss yesterday, find the right motivation and focus. Luckily, we managed to pull that off taking a big win here today in front of our fans and finishing the tournament on a high note which surely feels quite good. 

Ivan Pesic, Meshkov Brest player: 
When you lose a close one like we did yesterday it usually takes you a few days to forget about it, get over it but we were forced to get over it in only a night and it was a really challenging task but we pulled it off. It always feels good to close the tournament with a win obviously. 

Alexander Bachko, Meshkov Brest player:
Great match here today and it feels great to finish the tournament with a win. It was a battle of defenses and we were aware of that prior to the game. However, the hardest thing was to mentally prepare for this duel after the loss yesterday but we did it and I have to say we're happy in the end. 

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