Parrondo: “Tatran delivered an excellent performance here today“

Roberto Parrondo

Vardar - Tatran Presov 23:21 (10:9)

(Karacic 6; Milosavljev 13 saves / Lapajne 6, Urban 4; Chupryna 13 saves)

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach: 
We delivered a good performance today but unfortunately, match is played for 60 minutes – not 55. We committed some turnovers in key moments of the game allowing hosts to open the gap and decide this one as we didn’t manage to get back into it later. We came here to win this one and I’m sorry we didn’t do it because I feel like we could have taken advantage of Vardar’s poor form. I’m proud of my players despite of everything.

Janus Lapajne, Tatran Presov player: 
We fought hard and did our best to win this one. I'm honestly sorry we didn't make it because I feel like we had a great chance to do this. This is however a good school for us and we must keep up the good work. 

Roberto Parrondo, Vardar coach: 
Tatran delivered an excellent performance here today. I believe everyone enjoyed a good match today. We did not play as well as we should have in the first and I told my players we must raise the rhythm and focus on ourselves. In the second half we were better but one could see we missed two of our central defensive players who are injures. Win is, in the end, all that matters. 

Dmitrij Kiselev, Vardar player: 
This was a tough match for us. We were levelled in the first and the whole match was quite narrow and interesting for all the fans. In the end, most important thing is as coach said that we’ve managed to secure three new points. 

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