Ilic: ”Metalurg and Celje are two clubs with quality young players “


Metalurg - Celje PL 28:26 (17:13)

(Kuzmanovski 6, Jaganjac 5, Ilic 5 / Marguc 5, Makuc 5, Dujshebaev 5)

Aleksandar Jovic, Metalurg coach:
Of course I'm happy we managed to win the match because of the whole situation we're going through as a club and close SEHA regular season on a high note against a quality opponent. I wish Celje all the best. Now it is time to turn towards national championship where we feel like we deserve that second position but we know we'll have to prove that on the court.

Vanja Ilic, Metalurg player:
Metalurg and Celje are two clubs with quality young players and I believe it was clearly visible on the court today. I'd like to thank our fans of course. As coach said, now it's time for national challenges where we want that second position and maybe even endanger Vardar.

Branko Tamse, Celje PL coach:
We tried to rotate the roster as much as possible today because we have Slovenian championship ahead of us and by that we're dealing with some injuries so the goal was to spare main players as much as possible. That's however not an alibi for our loss today. Metalurg played a good match, especially at the end of the first with their 7:1 series. Later we've even managed to get back into it but ended up on the losing side of it unfortunately. However, as I said, that doesn't diminish Metalurg' victory.

David Razgor, Celje PL player:
We’ve committed a lot of mistakes today. End of the first was the key today. Later we managed to get back into it but again made some turnovers and the loss was imminent.