News: #izviđač

Horvat-less PPD Zagreb in Ljubuski
Jelinic: “Coach warned us we must not underestimate Izvidjac“
Nexe back on winning tracks after a win over Izvidjac
Nexe eager to get back on the winning tracks
Yurinok: “We’ve prepared some power-play attacking schemes for this one“
Pesic and Matskevich combine for 20 saves in Meshkov’s blowout win over Izvidjac
Kulak: ‘We must not underestimate Izvidjac!’
Vojvodic: "Thanks to our fans for coming, I believe we gave them something to watch tonight"
Vardar join Nexe and PPD Zagreb on the top with a win against Izvidjac
Bjelis: ''We'll fight Vardar courageously in Skopje!''