Ojleski: “This win can be a great motivation for the rest of the season“

Goce Ojleski

Eurofarm Rabotnik - Spartak 34:29 (15:13)
(Stjepanovic 10; Mitreski 10 saves / Dereven 8, Urbonas 6)

Stevce Alushovski, Eurofarm Rabotnik coach:
Thanks all my players for the historical win. It was very dificult at the start, we played with a lot of mistakes and Spartak were motivated. But our reaction was perfect and we did it. This level is not the level I want to play in this League. I am a coach winner and we must play much better to be competitive in SEHA - Gazprom League.

Goce Ojleski, Eurofarm Rabotnik player:
This win can be a great motivation for the rest of the season. We didn't play our best handball, but with this fans and our big moitivation we can beat other teams in this League.

Igor Levshin, Spartak coach:
It was dificult to play after our match in Sweden last weekend. Our first half was excellent, but Macedonian team reaction was also good. We will try to be competive in guest's matches and win some home matches in Moscow. 

Aleksandar Dereven, Spartak player:
I would like to thank Rabotnik for good matches. We played good match and I am sure that we will be better and better during the season.