Krzelj: ''The result from the first match against Veszprem gives us self-confidence and strength!''


Wednesday evening is reserved for another SEHA – Gazprom League match with Veszprem Arena hosting the second leg of the SEHA – Gazprom League quarter-finals duel between Telekom Veszprem and Partizan. The match is scheduled for 18.05 CEST.

In the first leg, Partizan managed to deliver another incredible performance in front of their fans in Belgrade, defeating the rejuvenated roster of the reigning SEHA – Gazprom League champions from Hungary. Coach Dario Krzelj and his guys have that way managed to prove that solid outings from the regular part of the season were no coincidence, and it is clear they will in Hungary do everything to repeat such a performance, and secure a spot on the SEHA – Gazprom League final tournament.

Rejuvenated Telekom Veszprem roster led by Dinko Dankovic will, on the other hand, with the experience they now have from the match in Belgrade a week ago, surely be able to prepare in a much better way, and deliver a quality performance in front of their fans in the Veszprem Arena, despite the fact that it will be very hard to overcome the 15-goal deficit that they have from that first leg.

The match is scheduled for Wednesday (18.05 CEST), and we’ll be waiting for it to find out what will be the third team, after Eurofarm Pelister and Vardar 1961, to book the SEHA – Gazprom League final tournament ticket.

Dinko Dankovic, Telekom Veszprem coach:
It is an honor for us to play another SEHA – Gazprom League game. A week ago we’ve seen how good Partizan is, but in this one our goal will definitely be to deliver a better outing. The goal is to play a quality match in front of our fans here in Veszprem.

Marko Eklemovic, Telekom Veszprem player:
This is going to be our third match in only one week, and it is definitely going to be far from easy. We’ve seen how good Partizan is a week ago in Belgrade, and this time out we’ll do our best to deliver a much better performance.

Dario Krzelj, Partizan coach:
First of all, congratulations to Telekom Veszprem on winning the Hungarian Cup. We are looking forward to playing another match in the SEHA – Gazprom League. The result from the first match against Veszprem gives us self-confidence and strength, but at the same time we have a feeling of responsibility and obligation to repeat all the good aspects of our game that we have shown in the first match.

Nemanja Jovic, Partizan player:
We are coming to Veszprem to finish the job we have started a week ago. We prepared well for the first match and listened to our coach very carefully. It will be a great success if we make it to the next stage of the SEHA – Gazprom League. It is demanding and challenging to play in three different competitions at the same time, but we believe that, in the end, this season will be very successful for us.