Eurofarm overtakes the second spot in group A with a four-goal win over Nexe

Eurofarm Pelister vs Nexe

In the final match of the group stage in SEHA – Gazprom League group A Eurofarm Pelister welcomed Nexe in Bitola, at the end reaching a 27:23 win which helped them secure the second spot at the end of the group stage in SEHA – Gazprom League group A. 

It was a tough match from the very beginning, with Eurofarm taking an early three-goal lead (4:1). Urban Lesjak was shining in those first 15 minutes of the opening half with seven saves, helping his team keep the gap open. Goce Ojleski, Darko Stevanovic, and Denis Vasilev were on the other side dictating the tempo of their offense. It was visible that hosts were, with a new head coach in charge, highly motivated and eager to rinse off the bitter taste left by the home loss against Motor in the last group stage round of the EHF European League because of which they failed to book a ticket for themselves in the knockout round. Midway through the first, the guests have managed to find a way to tighten up their defense narrowing the gap to only -1 with two quick goals from Fran Mileta, and Andraz Velkavrh. Later on in the first, Eurofarm finds a way to widen the gap once again finishing the first half with a 14:11 lead as Marko Racic narrows the gap to three goals with just about 10 seconds left until the final buzzer in the first. Kasper Kisum finished the first half strong scoring three goals. Goce Ojleski added just as much, while Urban Lesjak finished the first with eight saves. When it comes to NexeFran Mileta, Ivan Srsen, Andraz Velkavrh, and Luka Moslavac netted two each.
More of the same at the beginning of the second, all the way until the 40th minute when Oussama Hosni and Petar Atanasijevikj led Eurofarm’s 4:0 scoring series to open the gap to +7 (21:14) which later on proved to be a point of no return for Nexe. With a 3:0 scoring series late in the second Nexe managed to narrow the gap to only four goals (27:23) which ended up being the final result, as we haven’t seen a single goal in the final seven minutes of the encounter. Nexe came really close to narrowing the gap to -3 with Luka Moslavac failing to convert from the seven-meter line with only three seconds left on the clock.
Denis Vasilev finished the match with six goals for Eurofarm Pelister, while Urban Lesjak (11), and Marko Kizic (7) combined for 18 saves. Luka Moslavac, and Tomislav Severec netted four each for Nexe on the other side. 
With this win, Eurofarm Pelister has managed to overtake the second position in group A with Vojvodina taking the top spot thanks to incredible home performances versus both Nexe and Eurofarm Pelister.

Aleksandar Jovic, Eurofarm Pelister coach
Great win and a great start of my new career. We played a good match against a great team and one of the best coaches in the League, Branko Tamse. We didn’t play good defence in the first half, but with great energy and emotion, we made a difference. Our goalkeepers saved a lot of important goals, four penalties and gave us great support to win and to reach second place of group A.

Marko Kizic, Eurofarm Pelister player
I would like to congratulate Nexe on the fair match. We were really motivated, and we played a brilliant match against a great team. Our fans supported us and we were really motivated. It is not easy to win against a team like Nexe. This victory gives us great motivation for the next matches in the SEHA - Gazprom League and domestic championship. 

Branko Tamse, Nexe coach 
Great win and a great start of the career of my friend Aleksandar Jovic. He made a great job in a few days. We are tired, with 13 hours trip and without seven players who played this weekend for the national teams. When you miss four penalties and a lot of clear chances you can’t win against a great team like Eurofarm Pelister. It was a pleasure to play here in Bitola, with Ckembari and all the Macedonian fans who love handball. 

Moreno Car, Nexe player
Eurofarm Pelister goalkeepers had a great day and they were the key factor for the victory. We played with a lot of ups and downs and with that playing style, you simply can’t win a match in Bitola. We missed a lot of players, and when they return, we will play much better in the future.