Gulyas: “Hungarian players definitely do have a place in Veszprem“

Telekom Veszprem

Telekom Veszprem - Spartak 37:32 (17:13)

(Manaskov 11 / Ryabov 8)

Peter Gulyas, Telekom Veszprem youth team coach:
It was a good game. Defense was playing good throughout almost the entire course of the game and Cupara had some nice saves which helped us score some easy, fast-break goals. I think these 3500 fans who decided to come to the Arena today and support us witnessed that Hungarian players definitely do have a place in Veszprem.

Lev Szuharev, Telekom Veszprem player:
First of all congrats to the team of Spartak. Many thanks to our fans as well. We experienced some problems in the beginning of the game but luckily we were soon able to find the right answers. Defense was working well and I believe this was a well-deserved win for us after all.

Oleg Kulesov, Spartak coach:
Congrats to Veszprem who were playing well and quick. Well-deserved win for them today. We showed that we also have some quality, motivated young players ready to play well.

Igor Radojevic, Spartak player:
We had a lot of problems arriving here with only eight players. Despite of that, we’ve had some pretty good moments but we’ve had some bad ones as well. Situation we’re dealing with is hard and I’d like to thank Veszprem for a fair game.