Stoilov: “I’d like to dedicate this game to our teammate Christian Dissinger“


PPD Zagreb - Vardar 23:26 (12:14)

(Mrakovcic 4 / Kristopans 7, Skube 5, Dibirov 5)

Roberto Garcia Parrondo, Vardar coach: 
We left everything we had out there on the court today. I do not want to talk about the match since it’s all over now and I'd like to focus on my players and thanking them for everything they did throughout the season despite of all the injuries and problems.

Stojance Stoilov, Vardar player: 
I’d like to congratulate my teammates on this big fight here today. I have to be honest and say we were maybe a luckier side in the end because they narrowed the gap with a few minutes left on the clock with details deciding winner. I’d like to dedicate this game to our teammate Christian Dissinger who has suffered a really bad injury during the game.

Igor Karacic, Vardar player: 
It feels really great to be a champion once again. I’ve been here from the very beginning and despite of the fact I’m leaving now I hope this won’t be my last title. Obviously, it is an amazing experience to be a part of all this and I said – I hope I’ll be back at some point of time. Now it’s time to take some rest and prepare in the best possible way for what’s waiting for us in the Champions League. 

Dejan Milosavljev, Vardar goalkeeper: 
Great game and a great feeling to be a champion here today. We managed to open the gap in the middle of the second but despite of that weren’t able to seal the deal at that point of time as Zagreb narrowed the gap to only one back again. However, we were in the end a bit luckier and went all the way. 

Branko Tamse, PPD Zagreb coach: 
Tough match. We tried to rotate players, change a thing or two from our Champions League clashes and I feel like we succeeded with our defense in the beginning. We opened the match great but Vardar managed to get back into it quickly due to some of our turnovers and mistakes. Second half was good as well until about ten minutes before the end when they opened the gap to five. However, my players refused to surrender and we managed to get back into it but weren't in my opinion lucky enough to reach a better result in the end. Despite of that, I'd like to thank the League for the organization because it was really a pleasure to be here. 

Aleks Vlah, PPD Zagreb player: 
We expected a tough match like this. The entire tournament was really well organized, it was a pleasure to be here. I feel like we delivered a good outing but despite of that Vardar have today taken a well-deserved win and I’d like to congratulate them on that and wish them all the best in Champions League.

Urh Kastelic, PPD Zagreb goalkeeper: 
It wasn’t easy obviously, this was our second game in two days as well as our third face off versus Vardar in the last ten days which makes it quite clear it was really hard to prepare for this duel. However, I feel like we delivered a solid outing, played best we could given the circumstances but this time it wasn’t enough. Congrats to Vardar, I wish them all the best.