Mandic decides Nis thriller

Zeleznicar - PPD Zagreb

PPD Zagreb have in a thriller in Nis managed to secure three new points making a step towarda finishing the regular part of SEHA season on top of the standings. Zeleznicar delivered an amazing resistance but Croatian champions in the end managed to come out on top in front of an amazingly loud crowd in Cair sports hall after David Mandic scored a decisive goal from the seven-meter line about 15 seconds prior to the final whistle. Nemanja Milovanovic tried to level the result twice in the end but his shots were blocked and celebration could begin.

Hosts entered the match with a lot of self-confidence after two wins in a row and they were able to leave Zagreb on -3 on a few occasions in the first (5:2, 6:3, 13:10). Back line Sretenovic, Milosavljevic and Vejin delivered a good performance as well as wingers Markovic and Zivkovic.

However, Zagreb were able to cut the gap and even turn the result all over a little less than ten minutes into the second when Kontrec netted one for 22:21. Both teams had a good chance to win the game in the end but unfortunately for home fans, Zeleznicar' offense collapsed in final ten minutes of the game. When Djordje Spasic netted for 32:31 in 55th it was hard to believe that this will be the last ball in the net of Croatian champions.

Zelja's wings Markovic, Spasic and Zivkovic netted five goals each for their team, while David Mandic on the other side finished the match with eight.