Furious start secures Metalurg an easy triumph

Metalurg - Vojvodina

Thanks to a furious start of the match Metalurg managed to reach a 30:26 win versus Vojvodina. Triumph put Metalurg in a good position in fifth-place race while Vojvodina remain on the bottom. 

Left back Halil Jaganjac dominated the encounter with eight goals from 10 attempts adding two assists scoring six in only the first half. A bit more than 20 minutes into the match Macedonians were already 13:4 up more-less sealing the deal in this one. Apart from Jaganjac, Tomovski also played an important role in that period having nine saves. 

Even without some of their most important players from the first half of the season who left the club during the winter break Metalurg proved to be a quality squad keeping the gap wide open throughout the bigger part of the second half. In the end they slowed down but there was simply no time left for guests to turn the situation upside down.

Metalurg have two more away games to play in February - in Zagreb and Velenje while on the other side Vojvodina have to try and stun Gorenje at home and also travel to Brest to meet Meshkov.