Butorac: "This is very important for us since our goal was to play our best until the end of the match"

Bruno Butorac

Vardar - Tatran Presov 32:28 (18:11) 

(Moraes 4, Karacic 4, Cindric 4, Shishkarev 4, Borozan 4 / Urban 5, Cip 5, Butorac 8)

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:
I want to congratulate whole Vardar organization on everything they did last season and wish them to repeat all that this year again. They were better today and deserved to win. I also want to apologize for my behavior during the first half. We’ve simply had extra motivation playing against Vardar and my former players Cupic, Karacic and Cindric. I’m satisfied with our performance and I believe fans enjoyed the game. I’m proud of my players and I think we are on the right way.

Bruno Butorac, Tatran Presov player:
Congrats to Vardar, they were better today. We were way better in the second half, I even believe we won it by 3 or 4 goals. We know how good Vardar is and that’s what makes us extra satisfied with our performance. This is very important for us since our goal was to play our best until the end of the match.

Raul Gonzales, Vardar coach:
We were much better in the first half than we were in the second both in attack and defense running fast-breaks having 6-7 goal advantage. In the second half guests were way better and managed to cut the lead. Most important thing in the end is the fact that we are 4/4 this season. 

Luka Cindric, Vardar player:
Tatran never gave up, they showed character and will to play their best throughout all 60 minutes and I believe, in case they manage to keep up with this, they will be serious F4 contenders. We played a solid match but still have whole lot of space to improve in both ways. It is now time to focus on Saturday and the match against Nantes in Champions League.