News: #HC Nexe

Nexe lose in Bitola but secure quarter-final matchup against Vardar
Jotic: “We need a perfect outing, a bit of luck and loud support from our fans to get through!“
Horvat: ”We’ll both look to deliver a stronger performance in the second match”
Nexe secure a three-goal advantage before the second leg in Bitola
Last season’s EHF Cup group stage matchup repeats on SEHA Saturday in Nasice
Horvat: “Finishing the year in a victorious manner feels good“
Nexe dominant against weakened Vardar
European champs as a cherry on top of the birthday cake for Nexe
Sola: “Seeing progress on a daily basis really makes me happy“
Nexe deliver a strong outing in the second half to come out on top against BSU