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  • Best 7 of SEHA December

    Best 7 of SEHA December

    After 21 matches in December SEHA - Gazprom PRESS team faced a tough job choosing the best in the month behind us. Celje PL, Vardar and PPD Zagreb were dominating while Dinamo Pancevo su

  • Best Goals of Round 6

    Best Goals of Round 6

    Sixth round of SEHA - Gazprom League is behind us. After plenty of action and attractive plays, it's time to choose the best goal of the round 6. Watch the nominees and vote for your favorite:Vuko Borozan, HC VardarJaka Malus, HC

  • Best 7 September

    Best 7 September

    After 20 matches in September, SEHA - Gazprom League PRESS team once again picked best in the business for the month behind us. Vardar is dominating the selection and it is clear why as it is impossible to ignore perfect 4-0 sta

20.12.Gorenje Vel.:Meshkov Brest37:28
17.12.Nexe:Metalurg Skopje31:31
17.12.Dinamo Pančevo:Gorenje Vel.27:29
16.12.Celje PL:Tatran Presov32:28
16.12.PPD Zagreb:Vojvodina35:25
13.12.Gorenje Vel.:Vardar24:30
Next fixtures
01.02.Meshkov Brest:Vardar
03.02.Celje PL:PPD Zagreb
03.02.Tatran Presov:Vardar
04.02.Gorenje Vel.:Nexe
04.02.Metalurg Skopje:Vojvodina
11.02.Dinamo Pančevo:Meshkov Brest
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