Best 7 of SEHA December

Best 7

After 21 matches in December SEHA - Gazprom PRESS team faced a tough job choosing the best in the month behind us. Celje PL, Vardar and PPD Zagreb were dominating while Dinamo Pancevo surprised many.

Ivan Pesic - HC Meshkov Brest
Ivan Pesic signed a contract extension with Meshkov all the way until 2022. That’s the best proof of what he brings to the table in Brest. He was remarkable with 17 saves against PPD Zagreb.

Left winger
Jakub Hrstka - HC Tatran Presov
Great Czech. Ten against Gorenje, nine versus Celje. He’s quite comfortable against Slovenian goalies. Third best scorer of the season with 50 in 2017.

Right winger
Pavle Banduka - HC Dinamo 
Young leftie from Pancevo was one of the most important players in his team’s successful campaign in the final month of the year. Three goals in Nasice to help his team secure a point and a key goal against Vojvodina which eventually decided Serbian derby.

Zarko Pesevski - HC Metalurg
Young giant from Skopje is growing better and better from season to season. He’s one of team’s most important players this season. Great scorer proved his value with seven in Celje, five against Vardar and four in Nasice.

Left back
Damir Bicanic - HC PPD Zagreb
After Mandalinic left for Berlin, experienced national team players stepped in showing Zagreb has nothing to grieve for. Eight against both NEXE in Nasice and in Brest, ten versus Vojvodina.

Middle back
Jaka Malus - HC Celje Pivovarna Lasko
Jaka Malus is growing into one of Celje’s leaders after Zarabec left during the summer. Six in Slovenian derby against Gorenje, four to help his team win in Brest.

Right back
Jorge Maqueda - HC Vardar
Strong Spaniard is a player who never leaves his team hanging. Even when they are tired, when their minds are already on vacation he puts in maximum effort and helps Vardar remain invincible. 7/7 in Velenje to close the first part of the season.

Branko Tamse - HC Celje Pivovarna Lasko
Five matches in December, five victories and a huge step towards their first SEHA - Gazprom Final Four appearance. When we also take Champions League into consideration we can conclude Celje had a real good first part of the season.

20.12.Gorenje Vel.:Meshkov Brest37:28
17.12.Nexe:Metalurg Skopje31:31
17.12.Dinamo Pančevo:Gorenje Vel.27:29
16.12.Celje PL:Tatran Presov32:28
16.12.PPD Zagreb:Vojvodina35:25
13.12.Gorenje Vel.:Vardar24:30
Next fixtures
01.02.Meshkov Brest:Vardar
03.02.Celje PL:PPD Zagreb
03.02.Tatran Presov:Vardar
04.02.Gorenje Vel.:Nexe
04.02.Metalurg Skopje:Vojvodina
11.02.Dinamo Pančevo:Meshkov Brest
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