News: Match news

Djordjic: “We won in front of our fans and finished the tournament on a high note“
Cupic: “It won’t be easy but it will be the big final“
Ivic: “We must do everything to prepare in the best possible way for the third place“
Parrondo: “Really, really hard match here in this great atmosphere in Brest“
Best 7 of the regular season - elected by captains
Facts and figures: A regular season as thrilling as never before
Goluza: "In the end we were a bit lucky, good luck to Zagreb at the Final 4"
Krok seals the deal as Tatran edge PPD Zagreb
Djukic: "I’d like to congratulate my teammates on a quality, fighting performance"
Meshkov take revenge against NEXE as Djukic scores nine