Sola: “Seeing progress on a daily basis really makes me happy“
Nexe deliver a strong outing in the second half to come out on top against BSU
Davis: “We delivered a good outing on both sides of the court“
Telekom Veszprem with a routine win over Eurofarm
7M - Vladimir Cupara: “I didn't even dream I would share a locker-room with Arpad Sterbik“
Veszprem eager to take revenge against Eurofarm Rabotnik
Sola: “Goal is to deliver a better defensive outing than in our first match against Nexe!“
Ravnic: “We have to go full strength against Spartak!“
Alonso: “I respect and admire my guys“
Meshkov in winning mood after defeating Metaloplastika before the crucial match versus Zagreb